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"What are the most important skills to learn to become a boxer?" The most important skills to learn to become a boxer are offense and defense. This sounds simple, but it is actually quite complex. Offense consists of throwing numerous punches and learning how to throw these punches quickly, powerfully, and... (続く)


The 2017 IPF World Open Championships commenced this past week in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  Team HMB athlete Priscilla Ribic competed in the highly-compeitive women’s 72kg class.  Priscilla opened the day with a squat of 240kg (529 lbs.).  Priscilla then went 3 for 3 on her bench press, setting a Master’s... (続く)


GNC is committed to setting the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by providing cutting-edge products that are safe and effective to help you live well.  GNC has created a new brand line called Beyond Raw focusing on science-backed sports nutrition products and from their line is this month’s featured... (続く)


“When performing cardio how often should I be incorporating low and high intensity days?” HIIT (high-intensity interval training) versus LISS (low-intensity steady state) I am not going to lie, as much as people claim cardio kills your muscle gains, I'm guilty of a love/hate cardio obsession. As long as I can remember... (続く)


If you missed the first blog in this series read it here. Let’s get it started! Going to the gym, take 1! You followed my advice and did not let the gymtimidation stop you from getting to the gym.  You are all pumped up from your PEAK ATP, ready to kick some workout... (続く)


"What would you say is key to your training to help prevent injuries?" I would consider the following points in addressing this question: A.    Proper mobility and stability in the body: The needs of each joint of the body follow an alternation sequence as follows Neck: mobility Shoulder (glenohumeral joint): stability Scapulo-thoracic joint: mobility Lumbar spine:... (続く)


IFBB Pro and martial artist jennifer dietrick shares her top 5 favorite exercises to help build your chest. (続く)


Sunday, October 29th the Ironman 70.3 Austin commenced.  The race began with a 1.2 mile loop around Decker Lake, followed by a 56-mile loop through the rolling Texas farmlands and finishing with a 3-loop half marathon that ended at the Luedecke Arena.  Starting in the swim portion it was a... (続く)


"As a woman should I be lifting heavy weight or should I be doing lightweight and more reps?" Let's take a look at your goals! I don't think there should be much difference in the way that men and women train. I think that goals should determine whether or not you... (続く)


Last week I competed in the USA Powerlifting RAW Nationals in Orlando, Florida. The meet was held in the Hyatt Regency Convention Center located in the Orlando International Airport.  For those that have not been to the Orlando Airport; the hotel is located right in the airport.  The Convention Center... (続く)

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