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How do I learn which boxing stance best suites me?   For starters, the correct stance you should start with and correlate to if you are right-handed or left-handed. If you are right-handed or orthodox, you should start and practice that stance first. If you are left-handed or south paw, you... (続く)


Don't let a back injury control your life.  Eric Todd talks about symptoms of sciatica and ways to relieve the pain. (続く)


Bring your best performance. ATP Laboratories is a company looking to improve consumer’s quality of life.  With 40 years of experience they have worked to develop, produce, and market products that are pure, effective, and high quality.  This month’s featured product by ATP Laboratories, Myoprime, is NEW on the market. Myoprime is... (続く)


Life gets the best of all of us as times! Who hasn’t gotten out of their fitness groove a time or two?  I have definitely fallen off the diet and workout wagon more times than I would like to admit.  The key to getting out of your rut is to... (続く)


How should I apply specificity to strongman training? Specificity in strongman can be tricky. You need to think of the events like part of a sport, kind of like how you would think of shooting, dribbling, and passing in basketball. Each one of those skills needs to be fine tuned, just... (続く)


Our summer training at Jackals Gym has kicked off as of a couple weeks ago by having our 10th Annual Gillingham High Performance (GHP) Grip Contest and Jackals Gym Spring Party.  My brother Wade organizes and sponsors this event every year through his GHP Gripper Company.  The contest is always... (続く)


Fuel your athletic performance. GNC continues to set the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling and providing cutting-edge products that are safe and effective to help you live well.  Under GNC’s best sellers and protein & fitness categories is this month’s featured product GNC Amp Myopower... (続く)


Are training partners necessary in order to be successful? Our fitness expert Jennifer Dietrick gives her opinion on the topic. (続く)


It has been a pretty good start to my year competing in All-Round Weightlifting.  The first event was the USAWA First Quarter Postal.  In this event we had 3 members of the KC Strongman Club lift in the postal at my house.  This included my long time training partner Lance Foster, my brother... (続く)


Bodybuilder Tim Nassen is a month post-show and takes us through the transition with diet, training, and what's next.  Follow Tim's full contest prep series here. (続く)

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