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For more than 20 years, Platinum Performance has been researching and developing advanced nutritional formulas to support health.  In their ‘Athletic Performance’ category is this month’s featured product Myo-Aid. Myo-Aid is a combination of HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate), L-Glutamine, and Vitamins C and E.  Together this formula helps maintain muscle tissue while... (続く)


Can you believe we are already over one month into the New Year? Wow! I don’t know about you, but this month really flew by for me. The crazy Pittsburgh weather hasn’t helped at all to stabilize my mood. It was both 6 degrees and 60 degrees all in one... (続く)


In any diet or training program it can be easy to get discouraged.  Bodybuilder Tim Nassen talks about motivation and how to get back on track with your goals. Follow Tim's full journey through his 18 weeks of contest prep here.   (続く)


Last weekend, I competed in yet another Dino Challenge in Holland, KS.  This meet has been going on since 2004, where I won the heavyweight division.  This time around was in honor of the late Tom Ryan, who was an avid all-rounder and weightlifting historian.  Unfortunately for me, Tom’s favorite... (続く)


"What should I do if I’m weak off the chest in the bench?  Is there any specific things I should be adding in to strengthen this weakness?" I like to use dead pin presses to improve my bench press. How you do this is set up the safety rails in the... (続く)


Continue to make gains and see progress by incorporating this training cycle from our master's bodybuilder Tim Nassen. Follow Tim's contest prep journey here. (続く)


I’m often asked how I maintain my weight when I work up to twelve hours a day, and keep in mind I’m not just working, but sitting for 12 hours.  It’s hard to believe the damage you can do to your body with sedentary desk jobs. Prolonged sitting has been linked... (続く)


In the latest Muscular Development is an article, The Anabolic Edge, discussing research-backed supplements that boost mTOR and protein synthesis, which are important mechanisms for athletes trying to build muscle, burn fat and improve their performance.  One of the supplements highlighted is HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate).  Studies have shown that HMB prevents... (続く)


"Do you think it’s better to stick to the free weights and barbells at the gym or do you think machines have a benefit too?" Absolutely, I think machines have a great benefit. In fact, I incorporate machines into almost every workout. While free weights and barbells are more often associated... (続く)


Bodybuilder Tim Nassen shares how he incorporates a ketogenic diet into his contest prep to lean out for his upcoming show. Follow Tim's journey through his whole contest prep here. (続く)

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