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Fuel your athletic performance. GNC continues to set the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by demanding truth in labeling and providing cutting-edge products that are safe and effective to help you live well.  Under GNC’s best sellers and protein & fitness categories is this month’s featured product GNC Amp Myopower... (続く)


Are training partners necessary in order to be successful? Our fitness expert Jennifer Dietrick gives her opinion on the topic. (続く)


It has been a pretty good start to my year competing in All-Round Weightlifting.  The first event was the USAWA First Quarter Postal.  In this event we had 3 members of the KC Strongman Club lift in the postal at my house.  This included my long time training partner Lance Foster, my brother... (続く)


Bodybuilder Tim Nassen is a month post-show and takes us through the transition with diet, training, and what's next.  Follow Tim's full contest prep series here. (続く)


I started out April by traveling with GNC to the NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Conference (TSAC) in Norfolk, Virginia.  The TSAC Conference brings together professionals involved in the military, fire and rescue, and law enforcement fields.  TSAC provides training to strength and conditioning facilitators to improve performance, promote wellness,... (続く)


How to adjust training and max percentages coming off of a meet If you set personal records, set your training maxes to whatever those numbers are. Your training percentages coming off of a meet should be low enough starting a new training cycle that you will be able to handle the... (続く)


Thank you to every one that participated in the cellucor Alpha Amino Ultimate giveaway!  And the winners are... Emily B. Wendy B. Christine S. Justin L. Sarah K. David T. Please be sure to check your email (including spam) to receive your prize! (続く)


What is your favorite thing about competing in a physique based sport? I love the ability to be able to show off my "work" on stage. I look at bodybuilding/figure as an art form. We can change and sculpt our physiques through focused effort over time. Each muscle group needs attention,... (続く)


For 15 years, Cellucor has been dedicated to becoming the best sports nutrition brand by delivering effective, high quality products that support personal journeys of improved health and wellness.    They continue to release innovative products including this month’s featured product, which is also brand new on the market, Alpha Amino... (続く)


Do you have to have a specific body type or build to compete in strongman? You definitely don't have to have a specific body type or build to compete in and be successful in strongman. The great thing about strongman is that the variety of events cater to all body types... (続く)

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