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How often should you include HIIT and/or steady state cardio into your training?  This will depend on your goals! As a general rule, HIIT should only be done 1-2x per week. True HIIT is all out, and it's not possible to train at maximum intensity every day, as the body needs... (続く)


Blonyx prides their company on providing supplements to athletes who want to become their fittest.  Blonyx uses only high-quality, pure ingredients that are clinically proven through quality human research studies to work and are safe to use.  This month’s featured product is Blonyx HMB Sport. Blonyx HMB Sport contains the clinically... (続く)


"Any recommendations for training programs to increase my squat strength?" This is obviously a pretty wide open question with a lot of potential answers. I will recommend a very basic program, but that requires a lot of hard work and will produce very good results. It is the 5x5 squat program... (続く)


On Sunday, September 10th the inaugural Ironman Wisconsin commenced in Madison.  The race began at Lake Monona with a one-loop swim then ventured 16 miles out of town to begin two 40-mile loops on the bike and ended with athletes running a challenging course of two loops through downtown Madison. ... (続く)


There are many elements to consider when designing your own workout program.  It can be a complex and intricate puzzle that only you hold the key to.  Some of the elements that you would want to consider include: your specific goals, your body type, how much time and energy you... (続く)


"What’s the best way to lose fat while also increasing muscle mass? Can these two things be attained at the same time?" You can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. However, the process can be slow. Make sure you're getting enough protein (1.5g per pound of body weight),... (続く)


I am happy to report that I made it back to the competition platform this past weekend.  I competed in a small USAPL Invitational Meet held at American Strength Training Center in Maplewood, MN.  This is the first time I have lifted in a meet since October of 2015.  It... (続く)


"Is weight training important to incorporate for a MMA fighter?" Weight training in Boxing and MMA must be done logically and smartly. Traditional "bodybuilding " type of lifting does not typically work well for Boxing or MMA. Functional fitness should be your goal on your strength and conditioning days. Incorporating full... (続く)


NutraBio Labs is dedicated to maximizing the quality of life by providing consumers with nutritional products backed by the latest science and health research and also manufactured at the highest pharmaceutical standards.  In NutraBio’s sports line is this month’s featured product HMB (1000mg). NutraBio HMB (1000mg) contains the clinically proven ingredient... (続く)


"As a strength based athlete, do you think it is important to still do other conditioning and General Physical Preparedness (GPP) work?" There are different schools of thought on what constitutes GPP.  As a strength athlete, I feel that GPP is any additional exercise that I include in my work out... (続く)

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