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Celebrate the Small Wins | Danyelle Mastarone

Hello Fit Fam! I hope everyone’s year has been going as planned. And if not, then I hope you are learning to roll with the punches. That is my goal for this year. I don’t always make specific New Year’s resolutions, but I do like to take the time to...



Baby Steps to Achieving Goals | Danyelle Mastarone

Can you believe we are already over one month into the New Year? Wow! I don’t know about you, but this month really flew by for me. The crazy Pittsburgh weather hasn’t helped at all to stabilize my mood. It was both 6 degrees and 60 degrees all in one...



Free Weights vs. Machines | Danyelle Mastarone

"Do you think it’s better to stick to the free weights and barbells at the gym or do you think machines have a benefit too?" Absolutely, I think machines have a great benefit. In fact, I incorporate machines into almost every workout. While free weights and barbells are more often...



How to Eat More Vegetables | Danyelle Mastarone

"Any tips on how to incorporate more veggies into your diet?" I guess if it were up to our mothers we would eat green vegetables with every meal! But mom wasn’t too far off… Nutrient packed vegetables not only add essential vitamins and minerals to food, but they can help...



Gymtimidated? – Part 2 | Danyelle Mastarone

If you missed the first blog in this series read it here. Let’s get it started! Going to the gym, take 1! You followed my advice and did not let the gymtimidation stop you from getting to the gym. You are all pumped up from your PEAK ATP, ready to...



Leading the Fit Mom Lifestyle | Danyelle Mastarone

Hello Everyone! How have you been? Keeping healthy? Strong? Those are some of my favorite buzz words to use with my son. I take my job as a Fit Mom very seriously and want to teach my son about the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. First and foremost,...



Lifting Weights | Danyelle Mastarone

How do I know how much weight I should be lifting at the gym? This is going to depend on your goal. Are you lifting for a specific sport such as football or soccer? Are you going for pure strength? Or in my case, are you lifting for aesthetics or...



How to Mix Up Cardio Training | Danyelle Mastarone

"What are some tips on mixing up your cardio training?"



Gymtimidated? | Danyelle Mastarone

If you are new to the gym or fitness in general, read on for some tips to help you get started! Don’t know where to start? Are you gymtimidated? Everyone starts somewhere. Your fitness idol had their first day in the gym. The pro athlete starring in TV commercials started...



How To Stay Lean Year-Round | Danyelle Mastarone

Figure competitor Danyelle Mastarone gives some advice to help you keep a balanced lifestyle to stay lean year-round.


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