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Dead Pin Presses | David 'The Beast' Douglas

"What should I do if I’m weak off the chest in the bench? Is there any specific things I should be adding in to strengthen this weakness?" I like to use dead pin presses to improve my bench press. How you do this is set up the safety rails in...



Squatting Wraps vs. Sleeves | David Douglas

"How does your technique differ from squatting in wraps vs. sleeves? And how often should you include accessories in training?" The technique in the squat stays the same, but the mental prep is definitely different. With wraps you are loading a spring that helps you out of the hole. With...



The Beast talks Powerlifting

David "The Beast" Douglas sits down to chat about powerlifting Q: Thanks for taking time to chat with us! For those who don’t know you well, can you give a brief history of you and how you got into the sport of powerlifting? David: I joined the Marine Corps in...


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