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Jennifer Dietrick


Training Partners | Jennifer Dietrick

Are training partners necessary in order to be successful? Our fitness expert Jennifer Dietrick gives her opinion on the topic.



Healthy Foods | Jennifer Dietrick

Abs are made in the kitchen A healthy diet is key in getting the results you want. Fitness expert Jennifer Dietrick shares her top 10 go-to healthy grocery items to help you lead a healthier and nutritious lifestyle.



5 Favorite Chest Exercises | Jennifer Dietrick

IFBB Pro and martial artist jennifer dietrick shares her top 5 favorite exercises to help build your chest.



How Often to Switch Up Training | Jennifer Dietrick

Question: "How often should I change up my workout routines and why?"



5 Fave Resistance Band Exercises | Jennifer Dietrick

Jennifer dietrick shares her 5 favorite resistance bands movements that you can do anywhere you go!


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