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How to find your fitness groove | Philita Wheeler

Life gets the best of all of us as times! Who hasn’t gotten out of their fitness groove a time or two? I have definitely fallen off the diet and workout wagon more times than I would like to admit. The key to getting out of your rut is to...



Heavy Lifting for Women | Philita Wheeler

"What’s been your favorite thing that you’ve incorporated into your workouts?" One of my favorite things I have added into my workouts is some heavy lifts. I love to do heavy dumbbell rows, benching, and curls. I recently set a goal to do one-arm dumbbell rows with 90 pounds. I...



How to Stay Fit with a Sedentary Career | Philita Wheeler

I’m often asked how I maintain my weight when I work up to twelve hours a day, and keep in mind I’m not just working, but sitting for 12 hours. It’s hard to believe the damage you can do to your body with sedentary desk jobs. Prolonged sitting has been...



Muscle Building Foods with Philita Wheeler

It is finally time for the Holidays and I could not be more excited this year! I want to keep a leaner physique, while at the same time nourishing my body with muscle building foods to keep my lean mass! Working out is only half the battle - food consumption...



Getting Photo Shoot Ready | Philita Wheeler

I have had an action-packed summer with vacations and photo shoots! I am asked a lot how to prep for a photo shoot and whether it is as grueling as prepping for a show. The answer to that is definitely NO! When prepping for a show you basically must measure...


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